UNICHECK S.R.L. is a company specialized in the design, development and management of data banks and computer files with particular reference to the traceability systems aimed at preventing and avoiding counterfeits and falsifications of products from different sectors. The use of such services is made possible by Seid – a full traceability system that allows the certification and identification of consumer goods. The system is engaged in the research, design, development and management, both for his own account and for third parties, in order to promote the development, manufacturing and marketing products and services, to:

  • The inclusion, research, update, monitoring and deletion of data, with the aid, but not exclusively, of computer systems; the management of “data warehouse” and tools to locate, extract, transform and load data, the “datamining”, outsourcing of IT processes, the electronic storage of data, with particular reference to the traceability systems, security and measures to prevent and/ or avoid counterfeits, adulterations, adulteration of products, brands and processes; the creation of indexes, reports and accounts of the processed data;
  • Systems for the electronic document management certified and not;
  • Communication systems “B2C” with consumers/end users, including through the use of electronic devices.

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